Our core business

Noorain has a creative history of twenty years of designing,creation, fabricating and promoting apparel, sportswear and retail. We organize products from creation to delivery on behalf of clubs, federations, companies and sports events. Our core purpose is to bring excellence to every product, making it a heritage brand. We offer our clients all-inclusive project management services:

Product design

• Range definition and positioning

• Marketing

• Sourcing (Asia/Middle East/UK/Europe)

• Manufacturing

• Storage, Logistics & Distribution

Three key services form our core business:

• Professionals in event licensing

• Creation of “premium” programs (“bespoke” B2B range for companies)

• Manufacturer and distributor of apparel,sportswear and retail. and accessory collections

2.3. Design and development

Our Approach

We at Noorain create, re-create and innovate identities for every brand, making sure that every time a classic product reaches the advancing market. Once the product is produced and launched, our aim is to make every client part of the brand family where experiences are shared and a personalized approach to the brand is created. Our services are all-inclusive and requirement based. Our approach to every client is unique and customized because we understand that every brand is different.

Noorain works with a team of experts who create designs as well as provide consultancy regarding to the latest fashions to bring novelty and value added functionality to every collection. We intend to pursue and further establish on the motto on which we started Noorain, “ Creation and Design to Play the Difference”. For all the urgent requests, we have designers available to your proposal for all queries.


• Identifying fashion development (shopping, benchmarking, market and competition analysis)

• Examining and following the Graphic Charter

• Designing models

• Presenting the essential styles of the collection

• Proposing and extolling the collection with clients

• Sourcing & Production

Our Expertise

Our team of experts is based in Pakistan, China, France and UK and is specifically trained to design tailored manufacturing strategies fulfilling the requirements of every client no matter where they belong to. Our success lies on the excellence of quality, cost effectiveness and time management. The choice of production site is selected on the standard principles termed by our client and the production specifications. Managing and assembling of the product with time effectiveness is an influential feature in ensuring the quality of our services.

Values and Undertaking

At Noorain, we value every aspect of service to the client and offer to provide timely, expert and certified services that you need with a commitment to quality, principles and prolonged development. We undertake the oath to place our clientele foremost everything by valuing your time and budget.


Our services are with special regard to requests taken in 48 hours as we deal with both national and international customers. Every request is taken and examined professionally to provide the ultimate service required. Our team includes an efficient logistics service in partnership with an integrated service provider, which has large space storage in its warehouses. Your orders are delivered in less than 72 hours of the received request.

Quality program

Noorain is certified for its quality assurance in manufacturing. The entire production system is strategized and tested by renowned laboratories for optimal client satisfaction. Every manufactured product is tested under standardized quality tests to assure superior functionality and precision. Our suppliers are evaluated in line with standard ISO 9001. The controls are carried out based on standard ISO 2859.Overseeing the production lines ensures conformity with lead times, product quality and order fulfillment for deliverance to every client.


Code of conduct is the essential element of Noorain’s success over the decades. We make sure that every factory works and manufactures in certified conditions. Every employee is trained on standardized specification scale to control production lines. The factories are also audited by official and endorsed organizations on the certifications SA 8000 and Wrap. Most of our suppliers are listed in the databases created by European brands and distributors. ICS: “Initiative Clause Sociale” of French mass-market retailing, BSCI: Business Social Compliance Initiative and ETI/SMETA: Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Data from French and European distributors.

Health and environmental protection

Noorain is committed to communally adhere to social responsibility of protecting the environment. We intend to lessen the social and environmental impacts of our business activities and to adopt the best possible practices throughout the production line.  No hazardous chemicals are used in the manufacturing material to secure the environment. The chemicals are not dumped in the surroundings of the factory and packaging recycling is done under a certified policy. 

Our Latest Brands:

Noorain has designed and created a brand based on the classic and unique features of games history. We will manufacture and retail every sportswear and accessory in the market with the most promising marketing policy.

a. Rugby Heritage aspires to provide a variety of accessories with a touch of rugby’s great history from 1880 in UK. It will represent the ultimate combination of rugby lifestyle and vintage style jerseys.

b. Bowills

c. Supporter official

d. United fifty/U 50

e. All brands are designed under the umbrella of Noorain.

Our Licenses:

Our success with licensing started in 2011/ 2015 with IRB Rugby World Cup Btob and then in 2012 we achieved the exclusive distribution and retail in France of the renowned sports licenses.

3.2. Football

• FC Barcelona

• Manchester United

• Juventus FC


• FC Nantes


• RC Lens

• StadeRennais FC

• RC Toulon



• Olympique Lyonnais





3.3. Rugby

• StadeFrançais Paris

• RWC 2015

3.4. Motor sport

• Le Mans 24 Hours

3.5. Cycling

• Tour de France

In 2012 we also got production and distribution contract in France for a nautical race “VENDEE GLOBE”.

4. Clients:

• Supermarkets/Hypermarkets

• Large specialist stores

• Department stores

• Home shopping/E-Commerce

Intersport, Go Sport, Sport 2000, Leclerc, Carrefour

Please find below some brands details we have been supplying to USA market

• Ecko

• Phat Fram

• Rocca wear

• Hurley

• Paul Frank

• Berne Apparel

• Us Polo

• Tapout

• Canterbury

• Avirex

• Black label

• Shopko

5. Bespoke Services

5.2. B2B – Premium Corporate Programmes

The constructive values of sport can be easily transferred from the pitch to the boardroom. Our team can offer turnkey strategies for all your progressive marketing campaigns.

• Bespoke services: We can develop a diverse range of products representing your company in the advancing market of today (your company’s logos, colors and identity presented on retail sportswear and accessories)

• Offer prizes to motivate your teams during corporate events: Works Councils, seminars, competitions, etc.

• Run campaigns to boost sales amongst your client networks.

• Strengthen your partnership/sponsorship by developing co-branded products.

For the most eye-catching quote to instigate your clients through marketing, then our consultants can offer you the complete package of marketing strategies with tailored plans and technological assistance.

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Noorain welcomes every request and query from clients all over the globe. Our services are not limited to any locale or region so feel free to contact us.


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